Take the Survey: One of the easiest ways to get involved is to help our citizen scientists to understand how COVID Reinfections affect overall health. It takes only 10-30 minutes to complete and you could win an Amazon Gift card for participating.

Fact Finding

We Participate in Fact Finding (the discovery and establishment of the facts of an issue). The purpose is to get information for an official group or cause.

As an individual person you have the opportunity to help shape how Black patients recover from Long CoVid and how we receive care for COVID-19 and other chronic conditions. Here are some ways you can get involved:

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Complete a simple survey. When regular people answer questions about their health, lifestyle, symptoms and the treatment they from doctors and clinics, we are able to understand how to provide better help in the future and hold the right stakeholders responsible for their actions, or in some cases, their inaction.

Ask about PASC.

We call lingering symptoms from CoVid “Long CoVid” or “Long-Haul CoVid”‘. Yet most medical professionals usually refer to it as PASC (Post Acute Sequalea of CoVid). *When you have a doctor’s appointment, or speak to coworkers, even when you visit your places of worship in person or online – you can help by asking them what they know about PASC. Purchasing an #ASKaboutPASC branded item is a great conversation starter and promotes awareness about Long-CoVid and its disproportionate affect on Black people. (Coming Soon)

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With so many opportunities for funding research of marginalized communities, Black CoVid patient groups have been overrun by drug companies, universities, and other organizations soliciting our participation in their surveys, research enrollment, and to share our personal narratives. Almost all of these interested parties want to get our input and some seek to exploit us as a population of study in order to receive grants in the name of Long-CoVid and Health Disparities studies.



We can appreciate the transformational potential of such research. However, we do take issue with organizations who want us to give information, give our time, and give input into their endeavors without any reciprocation or gestures of goodwill to the participants. Though some look at us a population of sociological interest, we ask that you remember that we are patients in need of empathy, patients in recovery, patients in need of resources, patients who are afraid about our future, and patients who are currently navigating biased and sometimes discriminatory encounters with healthcare workers and various institutes.

Currently there is a chance to mend broken relationships and build trustworthy interactions between black communities, medical institutions and government agencies.

All organizations are invited to show their support for Black CoVid Survivors Alliance. Because we prioritize patient’s 1st your contributions will have direct impact in helping the lives of Long CoVid patients.





Your financial contributions will support the community work we do.

Educate. Advocate. Participate.

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