Teresa Tindle Akintonwa

Teresa Tindle Akintonwa was an Educator for over 25 years with extensive experience in Instruction, Corporate Training and Business Growth and Development Consulting. Since becoming a Long Hauler after her February 2020 CoVid-19 infection she founded the online patient-support group for Black Survivors of CoVid-19. When she is not burdened by the symptoms of Long CoVid she looks for opportunities to advocate for the advancement of Black and African-American health issues. As President of Black CoVid Survivors Alliance Teresa now collaborates with various organizations to increase Health Justice and provide DEI advisement to ally organizations.

Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming is a businessman and military veteran who recovered from CoVid-19 in the early summer of 2022. Before joining the leadership team at Black CoVid Survivors Alliance he headed Compass Aim Global Management, a process improvement consulting firm. With over two decades of collective experience in technology strategy, technology execution, process improvement and human capital mobilization Michael has transformed the trajectory of organizations in the public, private and government sectors.

Our Board Members

Janet Vanderbilt

Arelis Shabbir-Smith

Barbara Shoyket